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About Coachbetter and the challenges with the old website

Coachbetter is revolutionizing soccer. With software solutions for coaches, clubs, associations and players. In order to bridge the gap between sport and technology and to lead clubs into a digital future, the startup raised over 2.5 million euros in new capital in August 2023. The problem: Their own website could not keep pace with the scale of the company and can only be maintained and updated with some effort. A new robe must therefore be found. In detail, the company faced the following problems before the relaunch:

  • Lack of scalability of the website due to a nested structure
  • Tied internal resources make website maintenance almost impossible
  • manual bilingualism further complicates everything
  • low page speed due to lack of best practices
  • complicated maintenance of new and old content
  • expandable SEO performance
  • inadequate conversion rate
  • outdated design and CI

Coachbetter was therefore faced with the problem of scaling with new capital and at the same time being able to operate with the old website only to a limited extent.

Tailored multilingualism and complete redesign

The decision to create a new website (and new CI) was quickly made. After initial discussions, we were chosen to implement the completely new design in Webflow - Virtual Entity. In particular, the extensive experience in using Webflow and Weglot was decisive for the collaboration. The new design uses minimalistic and reusable components, which are implemented using client-first CSS. Thanks to the seamless implementation of Weglot, bilingualism is automated after the relaunch and the internal marketing team has to spend significantly less time maintaining and creating content pieces such as their own blog.

Case studies and blog posts are standardized via the Webflow CMS and can be incorporated flawlessly by all team members via a simple interface. Well-thought-out links between CMS also make modules from case studies (and vice versa) possible in blog posts.

Client-First CSS
Custom Code

The result: a scalable outfit that grows with the company

With the relaunch, the new page is once again available as a sales asset and frontrunner for the Coachbetter team and means significantly less work and maintenance than before. The automated bilingualism and customer-focused structure around the 4 pillars of the company:

  1. Coaches
  2. Associations
  3. Federations
  4. Players

make the website a constantly active sales employee and advertising ambassador. Interested associations can be inspired by CMS-based case studies and existing customers can quickly find the right answer to their question in the Help Center. Should this not be available, an appointment with the Coachbetter team can be made in just a few clicks.

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Excellent job with the implementation of our homepage! 🙌 Working with Virtual Entity was a pleasure at all times. No matter how spontaneous or complicated our inquiries were, Virtual Entity always found a solution in a very short time! In particular, the integration with Weglot and thus the automatic multilingualism of our website is a real game changer for our marketing team.



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