Christian Völlinger, Gründer Virtual Entity
Christian Völlinger, Gründer Virtual Entity
Janis Jankewitz, Webflow Developer bei Virtual Entity
Max Frings, Gründer Virtual Entity
Max Frings, Gründer Virtual Entity

and who is pragmatic at the same time.

As your web design and webflow partner, we are simple and straightforward. Just as good work should be. We save you headaches, think 2 steps ahead and deliver everything in a good mood.

Who we work with

Startups between
Seed and Series B

have specific requirements and must be able to act quickly and flexibly. This is exactly where our scaling websites come in.

Bootstrapped startups that generate revenue

know exactly that you don't need experiments, but clear results. That's why we use the knowledge from +50 successful website launches in every project.

Small to medium tech companies

don't want a 0815 website, but rather stand out. Even though they're no longer a startup. That's why we don't offer anything off the shelf.

Young at heart SMEs

often have marketing teams that know Webflow's ease-of-use and want to use it for your success. That's why we're 100% all-in on Webflow.

Our values

Our values define who we are. But we also expect them from our customers.

Startup mentality

Startups often lack budget, time, user insights and development resources. As ex-startup founders, we know the problem and rely on pragmatic solutions without wasting resources. Virtual Entity is the ideal partner for companies with a startup mentality.


No time for complicated talk or non-constructive feedback. Our way of working is goal-oriented at all times and we don't mince words when challenging ideas. Complex projects are thus understandable and manageable.

Done > Perfect

Nothing hinders a go-to-market more than perfectionism. We always use 80/20 where possible. Quick, effective solutions are our top priority. In this way, we help startups and SMBs scale quickly and avoid standing still for long. Plus, our 80% often elicit a “wow” from our customers.

Always positive

Even without a hand in front of your mouth, we have no room for negative things. Through open and transparent communication and always positive thinking and action, we create a working atmosphere that is encouraging and empowering for our customers and our team.

Working with character(s)

Ditch 08/15. Individually and always in a good mood.

Christian Völlinger, Gründer Virtual Entity


Boxer and website thought leader. Chris does one of them professionally. Regarding the other, you don't want to get in the ring with him.

Max Frings, Gründer Virtual Entity


Climber and design fanatic. You can use one of them for your own business. The other gives some people freight of heights.

Janis Jankewitz, Webflow Developer bei Virtual Entity


DJ and webflow expert. He not only mixes mega soundtracks but above all scalable frameworks for our customers.

Our skillset

Highly specialized, everything we do revolves around websites.


A term almost as old as the Internet itself — rethought. Design that delights your customers, elements that build trust from the very first second. Best practices for maximum conversions.


It's obvious that your website must work for you. But you also need to be able to work with your website. Designs implemented pixel-perfectly in a visionary CMS and prepared in such a way that editing is child's play for you.


We'll pick you up where you're standing right now. Regardless of whether you are in front of our virtual door with an idea, finished branding or a finished design. We always provide you with good advice for your project. Even when we're not working together at all.


A website must be a tool. A tool that your entire team can work with. That's why we empower your team to use Webflow. So you won't need us anymore after working together - unless, of course, you want us to.

About 100 satisfied customers. You're in good company.

ali El-Ali
jacqueline zinc
product, Chaanz
henri Ortlieb
product, Parking Depot
Jasmine gold
Team Lead Marketing, MAS
Maxi Borkowsky
Co-Founder, Melibo
VE Plus+
thomas Marcineck
VE Plus+
Marwin Grundel
CEO, Chaanz
henri Ortlieb
product, Parking Depot
Jasmine gold
Team Lead Marketing, MAS
Max Borkowsky
Co-Founder, Melibo
Weglot x Virtual Entity Case Study

The best tool for multilingual Webflow websites, Weglot, publishes a case study about the multi-language solution for Virtual Entity's customers Parkdepot.

4 awards from the CSS Design Award

Virtual Entity receives 3 Community Awards and the Special Design Kudos from the CSS Design Award jury for the DOVIZIA and Melibo AI chatbot websites

2022 German Web Awards

Virtual Entity receives the German Web Awards 2022 for its work. Performance was assessed from a UX, design and psychological perspective

YouTube & GDPR

YouTube videos often lead to problems with the GDPR. The Virtual Entity overlay solution is being advertised by data-protection-experts at Frame for Business.

Official Webflow Partner

Virtual Entity is an official Webflow partner. Official Partners must prove in an application process that they have a perfect command of Webflow.


Projects completed

35+ million

Euro generated for customers

4 weeks

Average delivery time

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