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Each of your customers will end up on your website at least once during the purchase process. We make sure that it is convincing.

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Tomorrow's websites. Already today.

100% Figma

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Your website is the business card for the world. It must be convincing so that customers are enthusiastic about your vision long before your business develops its full potential.

Captivating design

Designs that are not only beautiful to look at, but also impress. Through seamless user experience. Through pixel perfection. By tailoring it for your brand.

Scalability from the very first second

Designs that grow with your business Scalable design systems and modular structure for your ever-increasing requirements in the future.

Your best sales representative

Designs that are focused on conversions. Your hub for contact inquiries, appointment bookings and app downloads. A website that works for you all the time.

Your business needs a website that generates customers. Get started today.

The cooperation and communication were smooth — we know that is not always the case with agencies. We are super happy with the design and all wishes and suggestions on our part were received and implemented in the best possible way. The design was first developed in Figma, where we were able to create a mood board ourselves to collect our design ideas. We found that super handy! Max and his team know their craft, are very creative and great at implementing them in Webflow. In particular, the use of many CMS elements makes it much easier for us to maintain the site afterwards. Many thanks to you for the great implementation, a very clear recommendation!



Team Lead Marketing


Websites that scale with your business.

100% Webflow

Der Webflow Designer in der live Website von melibo

Blazingly fast websites, intended for search engines and implemented in the latest CMS. Responsive on all devices and browsers. Animated from subtle to unbelievable.

The CMS of the day after tomorrow

100% freedom of design, the most intuitive user interface, scalability even for thousands of blog posts and a pioneer in SEO. Pagespeed at the core and available internationally thanks to AWS CDN.

Maintain full control

Edit your website live and without an “intermediary.” Upload new posts, correct spelling mistakes, and swap pictures in seconds.

No more updates and plugins

Webflow works without plugins. For you, this means that you can focus on your business and updates and encryption are automated.

Make sure your website scales just as fast as your business.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Virtual Entity. From the start I was impressed with how quick and responsive the team was. Communication was easy and also very proactive, often suggesting optimizations. What I appreciated most was their speed of delivery. They were able to deliver to our specifications in a timely manner without sacrificing quality. Speaking of quality, their work was excellent. They tackled complicated technical features with ease, and the feedback from both our internal team and our customers has been overwhelmingly positive. In particular, the content hub they created for us, connecting multiple CMSs to make them searchable for our clients, was well received.



Search Experience Manager


Find cloneables, tools & Webflow facts.

100% value

Eine Ansicht der Guides und Clonables auf der VE Ressourcen Seite

Webflow guides, entire website templates and individual sections as cloneables. Everything in one place. Discover VE Resources and save yourself many hours of work.


Take your Webflow game to the next level and boost your website with tailor-made step-by-step guides and knowledge from over 100 website projects.


Launch your website in hours. All VE templates come with an integrated style guide, brilliant design and all CMS integrations that your business needs to get started.


World-class website components, 100% free-to-use and cloneable directly in Webflow. All VE Clonaeables come in Client First CSS and therefore fit seamlessly into your existing website.

Level up your Webflow game or use our cloneables to launch new pages at lightning speed.

Virtual Entity not only picked me up where I stood (with a financially viable offer for me to start), but they also accompanied me through a process that not only revealed my website, but also changed my mindset. I was challenged when necessary. I was guided where I felt lost. And best of all; I was incredibly driven by Max and his team's enthusiasm for working together. It was a co-creation that I can really wholeheartedly recommend to anyone who is facing similar challenges and is looking for a partner instead of just a service provider.





Mach dein Team zu Webflow-Meistern

100% für Teams

Ein Mockup des neuen Webflow Onlinekurses von Virtual Entity für interne Teams, die Webflow meistern wollen

Mach Schluss mit ewigem Rumprobieren und halbgaren Lösungen auf euerer Website. Der perfekte Webflow Kurs für Teams, die den Umgang mit Webflow meistern wollen.

6h Kursmaterial für interne Teams

Dein Team stößt immer wieder auf Probleme in der Bedienung von Webflow? Hier lernt ihr alles, was ihr an Handwerkszeug für eure Website braucht, damit diese zum Werkzeug für Conversions wird.

Lerne von zertifizierten Webflow Experts

Kein Bullshit, kein Geschwafel. Lerne worauf es ankommt von zertifizierten Webflow Experts, die über 100 erfolgreiche Projekte abgeschlossen haben.


Überprüfe den Fortschritt eurer Website mit dedizierten Checklisten, die alle Learnings aus dem Kurs nochmal aufgreifen und kontrollieren.

Befähige dein Team im Umgang mit Webflow und mach eure Website zum Werkzeug für Conversions.