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8 weeks

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> 200.000€

Aktuelle Finanzierung

About chaanz and the challenges of the old website

chaanz revolutionizes hyperlocal networking at events in a business or social context. What sounds complicated at first glance isn't at all. Imagine going to a trade fair and only being able to address people who fit perfectly into your target group. Or you go to a festival and only meet people who have the same ideas as you. That is exactly what the chaanz app provides: Using smart matching based on your own interest profile, only matches that really suit you are displayed.

The pitch at Die Höhle der Löwen and the new round of financing shone a lot of light on the startup. But converting this attention into paying customers was difficult with the old website. This prevented chaanz from growing by:

  • Outdated content and an inappropriate design that was only focused on dating
  • Lack of scalability of the website due to a nested structure
  • Lack of internal resources for website conversion
  • low page speed and SEO results
  • complicated maintenance of new content
  • inadequate conversion rate

Chaanz was therefore faced with the problem of launching a new website quickly and effectively, which already took over a large part of the persuasion effort and paves the way for a higher conversion rate in sales calls.

Custom designs, product mockups, and animations

The targeted solution was a complete rebranding, away from dating to hyperlocal matchmaking in a business or social context, as well as to focus the website on chaanz's target group. Contrary to expectations, the target group is not end users, but rather the organizers of trade fairs and festivals. The new website is intended to convince them that happy visitors mean more attention to their event and a higher retention rate. The two pillars for the new website “chaanz for Business” and “chaanz for Social” were born.

Once the UX of the new website was defined, the design was set up. Here, too, the new strategy focuses on people and their emotions when you can make valuable new contacts and places the product, i.e. the chaanz app, rather in the background. The result of combining seriousness and yet a young startup website.

Client-First CSS
Design System
Product illustrations

The result: More conversions, more clarity for interested parties

The results after the launch are impressive. In addition to the biggest German festival organizers, chaanz can now also count several major trade fairs among its own customers. The feedback from the team is consistently positive and sales “feel easier” because not everything has to be explained from scratch.

CMS-based case studies also give the chaanz team the opportunity to write quickly and easily about successful events and to pick up potential interested parties where they are at the moment. Thanks to the direct integration of Calendly, the last step towards a video call with chaanz founder Marwin is only a stone's throw away.

Live Website anschauen
Websites werden weiterentwickelt. Es kann also sein, dass die live Website von den gezeigten Bildern abweicht.

We had the great pleasure of designing our website together with Virtual Entity and transferring it to Webflow. Virtual Entity accompanied us with great project management from start to finish and repeatedly gave and questioned feedback. We have been working together for over half a year now and are already working together to implement the UI design of our app.




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