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About Quartierwerk and the initial challenges

Real estate of the future is announced by the Hero Section of the Quartierwerk website. From planning to construction and maintenance of real estate, the company supports its partners in various regions. But their own website is lagging behind. Before working together, the Quartierwerk team faced the challenge of managing, buying and selling cutting-edge real estate, while their own website was rather dusty. In detail, the online presence of the company failed due to:

  • Lack of website scalability due to outdated CMS
  • low page speed due to nested codes
  • Highly bound internal resources
  • complicated content maintenance
  • low SEO performance
  • outdated design

Real estate portfolio presentation and animations

A simple and modern website should be created. After impressive planning with the internal marketing team, the sitemap and wireframing of the new website are defined. Visitors should find the content they are looking for easily and effectively. A mega menu further simplifies navigation. In order to underline the innovative character of the company, subtle animations should be used that match the theme of the real estate world.

Design System
Special Navbar

The result: Smooth animations that underline the company's innovative strength

The result is impressive. Smooth animations that “slide buildings into one another”, a simple mega menu and a massively streamlined page provide quick and precise information about all areas of your own portfolio. The direct presentation of the specific contacts also reduces the hurdle of making contact.

Live Website anschauen
Websites werden weiterentwickelt. Es kann also sein, dass die live Website von den gezeigten Bildern abweicht.

We have been working with Virtual Entity again and again for several years and are always impressed by the creative input. Regardless of whether it's about designing our new website, or about how our team can work easily and quickly with Webflow - Chris and Max are always our speed-dial. This makes working together simply fun and enables us to achieve the goal we have envisioned faster.



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