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About MAS and the challenges before the start of the project

Occupational health management is often seen as a high cost factor. MAS, as a provider of innovative services in the areas of occupational medicine, occupational safety, fire protection, psychological stress and several more areas, has a different credo here: “Health as a factor of success.” By actively designing health measures in companies, MAS creates a healthy working environment for employees and therefore for healthy organizations. The services offered go far beyond the minimum legal requirements and therefore also offer the opportunity to position yourself as an attractive employer.

The innovative capacity and quality of the services offered speak volumes. The problem: the existing website has grown over many years and no internal team has the overview and technical resources to maintain it and iron out obvious mistakes anymore. This was accompanied by a number of key problems for MAS:

  • Lack of scalability of the website due to a highly nested structure
  • No clear communication and inconsistent branding of the individual pages
  • Lack of internal resources makes website maintenance almost impossible
  • Loss of leads and applicants due to poor UX
  • low page speed due to lack of best practices
  • complicated maintenance of new and old content
  • expandable SEO performance
  • inadequate conversion rate
  • outdated design and CI

Tailored solutions that must harmonize with the old setup

As a cornerstone for the new website, MAS started with a far-reaching branding and communication workshop. This serves as a baseline for the redesign of the website and provides the necessary text and branding components. The challenge that the MAS team faces in collaboration with Virtual Entity is:

  • The existing page must not go offline under any circumstances, as it contains critical information for customers
  • Rankings achieved in search engines must be maintained, even if pages are moved
  • The redesign of the website must be carried out gradually and existing designs must not be destroyed by the new ones

The forged project plan therefore provides for a new construction of the entire page from the inside out. A completely new CSS naming system (client first) is needed and old classes are being eliminated in stages. Critical pages with bugs are prioritized and redesigned in a performance-oriented way. Existing CMS collections are gradually provided with new input fields and old inputs disappear. All pages are documented in minute detail and every displacement/link change is immediately corrected by a 301 redirect. In this way, old design can co-exist with new classes and existing rankings are not affected.

Client-First CSS
Custom Code
Design System
Dynamic Filtering
Product illustrations

The result: not yet done but a huge step forward

The status shown here is an interim assessment. So far, the Home, Career, Services, Performance Overview, Contact, Offer, Advice and News pages have been revised. All other pages should follow in the coming weeks and months. Even after a good 9 months of collaboration, there have been no interruptions in website performance, no new bugs and only positive feedback from the MAS team.

In particular, the new CMS collections and the simple maintenance of the blog, FAQs and content of the new pages save time and therefore money for the company.

Live Website anschauen
Websites werden weiterentwickelt. Es kann also sein, dass die live Website von den gezeigten Bildern abweicht.

The cooperation and communication were smooth — we know that is not always the case with agencies. We are super happy with the design and all wishes and suggestions on our part were received and implemented in the best possible way. The design was first developed in Figma, where we were able to create a mood board ourselves to collect our design ideas. We found that super handy! Max and his team know their craft, are very creative and great at implementing them in Webflow. In particular, the use of many CMS elements makes it much easier for us to maintain the site afterwards. Many thanks to you for the great implementation, a very clear recommendation!



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