How Parkdepot goes international with Webflow and Weglot




8 weeks

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About Parkdepot and the initial challenges

Avoid third-party parkers, eliminate barrier and parking tickets and at the same time be more cost-effective than the alternatives. Parkdepot, one of the leading providers of parking space management systems, offers all this. With modern license plate recognition, incorrect parkers can be quickly identified and barriers are a thing of the past. Hardware solutions and AI technology go hand in hand and deliver the best results.

This pioneering combination of hardware and software as well as simplicity for end customers should also be reflected in the website. However, the existing system was contrary to this wish. Too many construction sites, manual bilingualism and bound resources from the internal marketing team led to a website that fell short of the startup's claim. Before we rolled out the website together, the team faced the following challenges:

  • Lack of scalability of the website due to manual bilingualism
  • low page speed due to nested codes
  • Highly integrated internal resources
  • complicated content maintenance
  • low SEO performance
  • outdated design

Parkdepot was therefore faced with the challenge of scaling and internationalizing, but at the same time was limited by the high workload and maintenance costs of its own website.

Tailored features and custom code solutions

Clear objectives for the relaunch were defined before the start of the project. In this way, the new website should be streamlined, new animations should show the innovative capacity of the product and, in particular, multilingualism should be automated. A challenge that arose here: Content should not only be available in 6 different languages, but also be editable in a country-specific manner.

The design system derived from the requirements comprises fixed components that are scalable and can also be used for future sub-pages. By integrating Weglot, the translation of content was automated and nothing stood in the way of internationalization. In particular, the country-specific content presented a challenge in implementation, which was finally solved by a flexible custom code JavaScript. You can now show and hide content blocks by adding attributes for different languages.

Custom Code
Client-First CSS

The result: 6 languages and country-specific content

The result is impressive. Massively increased performance, while simplifying the maintenance of content and its translations. The implementation of Clients-First CSS guidelines, compressed assets and Webflow Components make the website faster, more robust and, above all, super easy to scale.

In this way, components can be transformed into new pages with just a few clicks and every new page created is automatically recognized and translated by Weglot. Should the translation not meet your own quality standards, all translations can be edited retroactively using Weglot's visual editor and the internal marketing team always has full control.

Live Website anschauen
Websites werden weiterentwickelt. Es kann also sein, dass die live Website von den gezeigten Bildern abweicht.

We have been working with VE for almost 2.5 years. We started with the redesign and relaunch of our website on Webflow and pushed ahead with the internationalization of our website through 6 languages with Weglot. Virtual Entity then gave us online training to manage and edit the website ourselves. What we really like is that the boys are very customer-oriented and always deliver, no matter how complicated the request is.




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