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About melibo and the initial challenges

With melibo, enterprise-level companies have the opportunity to automate their customer service to a high percentage. The in-house developed chatbot based on GPT3 is easy to configure and finds the right answer for all inquiries. If the bot is still overwhelmed, the direct integration of a live chat means that customers can always be helped directly.

The melibo team knew that their own product and the underlying technology for Conversational AI were future-oriented and highly innovative even before the start of the new website project.

However, the self-built website stood in contrast to the product. Due to a lack of resources and a rapidly changing product, this was far short of what the melibo team has for itself. Challenges before the start of the project were:

  • Lack of website scalability due to an outdated CMS (WordPress)
  • Tied internal resources make website maintenance almost impossible
  • low page speed due to lack of best practices
  • complicated content maintenance
  • low SEO performance
  • outdated design
  • Magging CR

Melibo was faced with the challenge of scaling but wasting resources at the same time, as the current website does not reflect what the company represents.

Tailored features and solutions

Together with the Virtual Entity team, the melibo CI was sharpened and minimized. This reduced the variety of colors and fonts used and ensured a uniform look and feel for future redesigns.

This “new” CI then became the foundation of the new website. The wireframing of the new website was then carried out in close consultation. Over 20 new pages, always focusing on the customer journey. Services and product aspects are explained in such a way that customers can easily understand them and directly see the added value for their own organization.

Based on wireframing, the final copy and reduced CI, the final web design was then created. Since there were no design assets, all content was created anew. Filmed videos, designed product mockups, created Lottie animations and implemented everything in the Webflow CMS.

Custom Code
Design System
Dynamic Filtering
Product illustrations
Product videos

The result: CMS-based landing pages

The collaboration resulted in a finished Webflow website, which can be 100% managed by the melibo team. Blog posts, knowledge articles and entire landing pages can be created in seconds using the Webflow CMS and only need to be filled with content.

The content of the static pages can also be edited easily and quickly using the Webflow Editor. The strong improvement in the area of page speed and SEO paired with Weglot's automated 2-language approach to the website also means that melibo's ad performance is increasing and scaling is driven forward by the website as a sales asset.

Live Website anschauen
Websites werden weiterentwickelt. Es kann also sein, dass die live Website von den gezeigten Bildern abweicht.

The guys from Virtual Entity really exceeded all expectations and proved to be true experts in their field! I always felt well looked after and was able to fully rely on their expertise. The communication was transparent and efficient, which made the collaboration incredibly pleasant. As for the performance of Virtual Entity, I'm speechless. They developed a cutting-edge, easy-to-use, and aesthetically appealing website for my company. Every detail was carefully thought out and implemented, and the result far exceeded my expectations. The website is not only nice to look at, but also functional and intuitive to use. I really get positive feedback on the design and user experience on a regular basis.



Co-Founder & CMO

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