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About CURE and the challenges

CURE is revolutionizing healthcare at home. With a simple app, users can have medicines delivered to their own front door in minutes: at pharmacy prices. What gorillas and the like have done for food, CURE does for medicines every day. With Series-A of over 15 million euros, the team is facing new challenges. The website must quickly show (and explain) what CURE is already doing and at the same time embody the vision behind the startup. However, the existing site is more likely to hinder the rapid scaling of the company by:

  • Lack of scalability due to poorly thought-out components
  • Lack of internal resources for website maintenance
  • complicated and manual bilingualism
  • no option for other languages
  • time-consuming maintenance of content
  • expandable SEO performance
  • low conversion rate
  • outdated design

CURE was therefore faced with the problem of scaling with new capital and at the same time being able to operate with the old website only to a limited extent.

Tailored features and product design

The new website must therefore be fast, easy to maintain and simply get to the point with the product. Another important construction site is recruiting new employees and in particular riders for delivery. The new sitemap therefore includes the areas: Product, Life at CURE and the Newsroom, where collected news and blog posts are to be published for the organic reach of the website. Coupled with the simultaneous redesign of the CURE app, product mockups, tailor-made smooth animations and landing pages tailored to all target groups that CURE serves: end customers, pharmacies and employees. The clear division of the website into the 3 pillars mentioned above creates a structure that can be scaled as desired and enriched with further sub-pages and landing pages.

The additional implementation of Weglot and thus the automation of the multilingualism of the website is driving the company's internationalization projects in parallel. By adding French (in addition to English and German), CURE smooth starts operations in Paris.

Client-First CSS
Dynamic Filtering

The result: smooth animations and a look that matches Series A

The final website includes CMS collections that communicate seamlessly with each other, smooth animations and all this in a look and feel that matches the new round of financing. The improved user interface and easy switching between languages promotes CURE's internationalization plans and the direct targeting of all target groups increases the conversion rate for paid advertising measures and organic growth.

Another highlight is the custom-developed “zip code checker”. With this, potential customers can check whether you live in the delivery area before downloading the app. This avoids frustration that can arise when users register and then cannot be delivered.

Live Website anschauen
Websites werden weiterentwickelt. Es kann also sein, dass die live Website von den gezeigten Bildern abweicht.

Absolute professionals! We love working with Virtual Entity: You always get quick feedback, everything is implemented optimally and as discussed, and the process is always professional and very customer-oriented. Absolute recommendation! With the help of VE, we were able to raise a further 15 million euros in the last round of financing. Recommended for any web and UI design project.




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