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About TechFlows and the 48h Challenge

TeachFlows combines the creativity of teaching staff with the magic of artificial intelligence. The goal: A new era of teaching materials that are interactive and playful and can be created and prepared quickly and automatically. Your own website should of course be as innovative as the product itself, so the choice of Webflow was obvious. The problem: the design is ready, all Lottie animations have already been created, but there is a lack of implementation in Webflow. Custom features in particular discourage the team from in-house creation. This is further aggravated by the fact that the website launch has a deadline of 48 hours.

Quick implementation, thanks to strong preparatory work

After the initial contact, it quickly became clear that the design of the page could be implemented in 2 days. Due to the preparation of the assets and the level of detail of the design, only a few questions are necessary to start Webflow Development. Small design adjustments, such as aligning content that should actually be at the same level, or minor optimizations to the spacing and design system, are implemented directly due to the lack of time during the development phase.

In particular, the alignment and container sizes are reviewed again in order to make the final design look coherent for website visitors.

Before (left) and after (right) clearly show how the standardization of distances and guidance lines can lead to a more harmonious design.
Client-First CSS
Custom Code
Design corrections
Special Navbar

The result: a scalable Webflow website with AI x Emotion character

The result is impressive despite the tight timeline. A custom sticky navbar constantly accompanies website visitors through the website and highlights the area that is currently being shown. Lottie animations and gradients, which are even reflected in the headlines, provide the modern and typical AI design character, and animations and illustrations provide the necessary dose of emotion and playfulness that are expected from an educational product. The page is rounded off by custom code extensions, such as the tab menu, which rotates automatically and does not remain static.

Live Website anschauen
Websites werden weiterentwickelt. Es kann also sein, dass die live Website von den gezeigten Bildern abweicht.

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